Canadian Nationals Results 2012, August 13 – 18th

Bowman Sport Horses made the 28 hour trek all the way to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada this year.  It was the 55th year for the Arabian Canadian Nationals Horse show.  What a fun time we all had.  The people in Canada were great and very welcoming.

We started showing on the 13th of August with Lady Loria ++++// and Taylor Bowman competing in Dressage Training level Open and Dressage Training level Amateur To Ride (ATR).  Both did very well in two very large classes and Top Ten’d in both.

On August 14th Lady Loria ++++// and Taylor showed in Dressage 1st level open.  They both did very well and Top Ten’d in this class as well.  Later in the day Taylor and Lady Loria++++// showed in Hunt Seat Equitation not to Jump 14-17 and had a great class.  Taylor was named the 14-17 Canadian National Champion in Hunt seat eq not to jump.  What a great finish to the day.

On August 15th BSH had an off day and had no classes that allowed our horses to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep from the long trip.

On August 16th BSH handlers and riders  had another super day.  The first part of the day was dedicated to Sport Horse In-Hand.  Lady Loria ++++// and Imnaha had a great day.  Lady Loria ++++// went Top 10 in Half Arabian Sport Horse In-Hand Open and Reserve Champion in Half Arabian Sport Horse In-Hand ATH.  Imnaha went Top 10 in Half Arabian Sport Horse In-Hand Open and Amateur to Handle.

That evening Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior To Ride (JTR) went off.  Taylor Bowman and Imnaha (Immy) were in the class, they both looked outstanding and Immy had lots of suspension and look beautiful.  Taylor and Immy won the class for BSH’s 2nd Canadian Nationals Championship of the show, and Immy’s first.

In the evening session the next class to go was Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle JTR.  This class was held in the main arena.  Taylor Bowman and Annapolis++//(AJ) were in this class and like the Half Arabian class both horse and rider looked great.  Taylor and AJ had a clean class and won the class for BSH’s 3rd Canadian National Championship, 2nd for the day.

On August 17th it was our first day of Hunters/Jumpers.  Before we could start our jumping BSH had two Sport Horse Under Saddle classes to complete.  Both were Amateur classes, one for Arabian and one for Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian. Taylor and AJ were the first class that morning.  We were all very excited and very nervous at the same time.  Taylor and AJ had another Clean go and AJ had his little motor running.  Taylor and AJ won the class for the 4th Canadian National Championship of the show and the second Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Championship of the show.

The next class to go was the Half Arabian Class.  Immy and Taylor were in this class.  Immy and Taylor had and great class and went Reserve National Champion.  Sarah Asby was so excited, Sarah Asby is the owner and breeder of the horse.  Immy is a very special horse.

Finally we got to start jumping.  Immy and AJ warmed up well and were ready to go.  Annapolis won the National Championship in Arabian Working Hunter ATR and went Reserve National Champion in Arabian Hunter Hack and Arabian Hunter Hack JTR.  Imnaha also had a great jumping day as she went Champion in HA/AA Working Hunter ATR, Hunt Seat Equitation Over Obstacles 17 & Under, and Hunt Seat Equitation Over Obstacles ATR, and HA/AA Working Hunter JTR ..

On the final day both horses did really well and Annapolis was Top Ten in the Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle class and Imnaha was Reserve Champion in the HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle class.

All in all it was a great show for Bowman Sport Horses and Canada was a great place to show and visit.